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        Main Features

        1) With sedan process standard, it has higher safety coefficient:
        1. The special materials for auto use, which have been authenticated by the CAE are used to make the framework of complete vehicle, enabling the complete vehicle to have stronger flexibility and carrying capacity.
        2.It adopts advanced welding process and adhesive bonding technology, which greatly improve the stiffness of vehicle body, thus outpacing other similar competitive vehicle types.
        3. It adopts special steel plates for auto use to make the vehicle body by laser welding, and scientifically designs the longitudinal beam to absorb the collision energy, so as to protect the passengers from injury.  
        4. It adopts hydraulic hub braking for the rear wheels and hydraulic caliper braking for the fore wheels, thus making flexible braking and good braking effect.
        2) The unity and harmony between human body and vehicle body creates stronger sense of mastery and more comfort:
        1. The sedan-type independent suspension structure, reinforced single-rocker fore shock absorption, rear mounted drive engine and spherical cage drive shaft effectively reduce the vibration of complete vehicle and improve the vehicle driving stability.
        2. The special vacuum radial tire for auto use, which is characterized by soft carcass ply, wear resistance and strong adaptability for driving, will contribute to lessen the resistance of tire tread and cut the fuel consumption for more than 10%.  
        3. The double-color vehicle trim style and horizontal stretch of light black main instrument panel creates board visual field for passengers; 
        4. The operating space reasonably distribution in light of the ergonomics principles will contribute to improve the driving comfort and reduce the fatigue.
        5. The auto-type gun barrel instrument desk and cold light color instrument display make the driving data clear at a glance without dazzling display at night driving.
        3) A brand new model with auto standard and exquisite craftsmanship:
        1. A brand new design with Foton auto technology makes more reasonable framework and perfect details for the complete vehicle.
        2. The special laser welding platform for sedan use adopts the precision welding, which makes the framework of complete vehicle sturdy and durable. 
        3. The cathodic electrophoresis coating technology for auto use and full-wetted electrophoresis operation make the surface more fine and smooth; the salt spray resistance test for over 1000 hours ensures no corrosion perforation exist in the complete vehicle within 10 years. 

        Technical parameters

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        Technical parameters

        Overall dimension of tricycle(L*W*H)(mm) 3550*1480*1530
        Loading capacity 4 persons(300kg)
        Weight (kg)
        Wheel base (mm) 2340
        Continuous travel (km) 130
        Tire size -
        Max speed(km/h) -
        Model 3-EVF-150
        Capacity(Ah) 150
        Longevity Charging 500 time
        Voltage(v) 60
        Type DC SepEx
        Rated output power(W) 4000
        Power consumption of every charging(kW.h) -
        Charging current(A) 30
        Charging time(H) 8-10
        Qty in 20/40HQ(unit) 2/4
        color green/red/yellow
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        Product specifications

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